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The Protecting Strong African American Families

Tittle: Literature Review-The Protecting Strong African American Families Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Rural African American Couples
Choose Topic: Psychology
Select number of pages: 2
Question Description: Literature review of evidence-based family interventions that could be used to Balance Work and Family—Family of 3 (African American parents and child (7 years old)).
Concern is one parent (father) who is unable to balance work. Using the article attached and *one other article* (related to Solution Focused Therapy or family system therapy), present research on at least 2 different interventions (CBT and Solution Focused Therapy) that could be used to address Balance of Work and Family with African American Families. Make sure article is no more than 5 years old. A minimum of six references are required.
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            The Walden Family is a typical African American family made up of three members, Mr. Walden, his wife, and their seven-year-old child. Like most middle-class African American families, Mr. Walden has an unhealthy work-life balance, characterized by always working late. Such a situation adversely affects his wife and their child, and as such, should change. Two interventions can help Mr. Walden and other African American families have a healthy work-life balance. These interventions include; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution focussed therapy.


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