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Treatment Planning Process

Treatment Planning Process

Discussed the importance and process of the treatment plan. Write 100 words or more about the treatment planning process and why it is so important.

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A treatment plan is a guide to a patient on how to reach their goals. It acts as a map that point’s a patient’s way towards a healthier condition. It helps a patient stay motivated, feel satisfied, concentrate better, build self-confidence, avoid confusion, and achieve more. Also, a treatment plan is used by counselors to monitor progress and make possible adjustments where necessary. The process involved in a treatment plan are sequential (Kubo, Monzen, Ishii, Tamura, Nakasaka, Kusawake, & Kawamorita, 2019). The plan starts by capturing the subject patient’s personal information, demographics and phycological history. Then a diagnosis of current health condition is made. Diagnosis is followed by the establishment of high-priority treatment goals and measurable objectives. A timeline for the treatment progress is formulated, and lastly, there is a space for tracking the progress.

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