United States Government Accountability Office report

Question Description: Consider five funding sources you might seek for your program. How might these sources of funding benefit your early childhood program?
Research the five programs that accounted for two-thirds of federal K–12 and early childhood education funding according to the United States Government Accountability Office report. Consider which of these programs may best suit your early childhood program and explain why.
Be creative in identifying other funding sources online or in your community. Consider ways you might use the Internet, online forums, or social networking sites to raise funds for. Be sure to provide:
A description of each funding source and how you will attempt to obtain funding from that source
A rationale explaining why this source is appropriate for your program

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. This rationale is appropriate for my program because it will build awareness of the significant needs of special needs children, especially those from low-income households. Besides, apart from the unique education program offered, I will require funds to support my health and mental wellbeing.


The most utilized form of funding is the federal education programs that address early childhood learning. The best suitable program for my case is the Special Education Program. It will meet the mental and social needs of knowledge. Also, it offers services at no cost for the family until I reach the age of 21. Other funding sources to utilize in my community are donations from business owners and social networking sites for fundraising.

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United States Government Accountability Office report