Universal public health

Please respond to the following questions and submit for this week’s homework assignment:

  1. Examine preparedness as a universal public health concept.
  2. What is a paradigm, and what is a paradigm shift? Give one example of each concept.
  3. Specify the leadership activities that are required for priority setting.

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Pal, 2018). The dynamic nature of a society or the constant changing of things allows for adopting new and fresh ideas to drive the new system.

Paradigm shifts are necessary due to their relevance in serving the needs of new developments. There have been many paradigmatic shifts in health and medicine over the past century, some of which have paved the way for even more paradigm shifts. An example of a paradigm in the medical world was the concept of international health, which was later replaced by the global health paradigm. The change from international to global health is an example of a paradigm shift. International health primarily focuses on national ways of combating health issues regarding disease and treatment (Kumar & Pal, 2018). Global health introduced cooperation among states and developed mechanisms to tackle pandemics and global health outbreaks.

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Universal public health