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Using common goal strategy to lead a team

essay related to how to using common goal strategy to lead a team

Your reflection exercise must consist of:

A personal experience to support the theory

How this personal experience connected to something we have covered in the course ( common goal strategy)

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What you will do differently, next time, as a result of the learning

Your reflection exercise must be written in a word document and must use accurate business English

N.B. Your reflection exercise must not be more than 300 words

Answer preview

When it comes to group leadership, I think it is easy to lead people when every member of the team understands the purpose of the group. I participated in a group where we were supposed to complete a research project. The group had five members, and each member had a role to play in the group. In the beginning, it was hard for us to interact until we held a meeting to plan the activities of the group. During the first meeting, we did nothing because team members did not know their role in the group. In the second meeting, I realized that we should formulate group goals and share the roles. Since then, every person in the group knew what to do. There were minimal conflicts because everyone was aware of the group’s final results.(343 words)