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Vacation Spot or destination.

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I need to make an essay about Vacation Spot or destination. 5 paragraphs, with 6 to 7 sentences each
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Travelling creates an opportunity for tourists and team members to enjoy exploring beautiful places. In the process, they learn how other people in different parts of the world go about their daily living. This includes knowing the language used in that part of the world, different foods, business etiquette, and attractive tourist sites (Fatt, 2011). As much as the internet has made people travel virtually, the fun of traveling happens through physical experiences. The memories that an individual harbors from the encounter cannot be compared with the virtual tours or narrations from other people who have visited a particular vacation spot. When one thinks about a vacation destination, Kuala Lumpur (KL) city, Malaysia is a perfect tourist spot that a traveler should include in their itinerary.


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