Victoria’s secret

Major Case Analysis Instructions (Victoria Secret)

For this assignment, you are required to address an issue or problem faced by your company of choice and will analyze it using the techniques taught in this course. The techniques learned are:

Defining the Problem / Business Economics & The Legal Environment of Business

Evaluating Evidence / Business Finance & Accounting)

Generating Alternatives / Management & Global Dimensions of Business

Ethical Decision-Making / Quantitative Analysis & Business Ethics

Selecting the Preferred Alternative / Information Management Systems

Developing an Action Plan / Marketing & Leadership

Bringing It All Together / Business Integration and Strategic Management

The write-up is limited to 12-15 double-spaced pages, not including a title page and exhibits (include as appendices).

Selecting an Organization

Explore news/current events to locate a business that has a complex problem which needs to be addressed. The problem may be related to any business topic (i.e. accounting, marketing, legal, etc.).

It is suggested that you select a recent problem of a public company, which will ensure that you will have access to the information necessary to complete your project.

As you select an organizational problem for your class project, it is important that you select an organization that is interesting, possibly useful to you in your career, industry, or interests. An organization or industry you are interested in should give you better access to information.

Use the 9-step case analysis process as a guide:

  • Skim the case to get an overview of the situation.
  • Read the case thoroughly to digest the facts.
  • Carefully Review information in exhibits.
  • Decide what the strategic issues are.
  • Begin your analysis with some number crunching.
  • Apply the concepts of strategic analysis.
  • Check out conflicting opinions
  • Support your opinions with reasons and evidence.
  • Develop recommendations and an action plan.

Your analysis and recommendations should be supported with high-quality evidence, including textbooks and peer-reviewed academic journal articles covering the appropriate topics that apply to your specific problem from the following list:

  • Accounting
  • Business Communications
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Finance
  • Business Integration and Strategic Management
  • Business Leadership
  • Economics
  • Global Dimensions of Business
  • Information Management Systems
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Research Techniques/Statistics

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Victoria Secret, founded in 1977 in the US, has grown to be the largest fashion retailer in the US. Since it was started, the company became an instant success. The company was created to give men access to a good shopping experience, and other companies emerged that provided competition to the company. Nevertheless, it was able to expand and increase its stores in the US. The increase in stores in the US boosted the revenue and sales of the company, and this saw the company posting profits of 1982. The founders later sold the company to Les Wexner, and the new owners changed the company’s business model. The company started to concentrate on female fashion, and in 2013, the company owned more than a third of the female lingerie market, but this declined sharply in three years. The company sales started to fall after the company was split into three independent divisions, and the decline was swift such that in 2019, the company had closed more than 53 stores in America as stocks took a deep plunge.(3891words)