Vietnam war

History Discussion


This week we will use the first half of Logevall’s book to examine the circumstances and decisions facing Presidents Kennedy and Johnson between August 1963 and July 1964. We will look at how the international and domestic context affected how decisions were made regarding Vietnam.

Read Logevall according to the syllabus and answer one of the questions below.

1. Did Presidents Kennedy and Johnson differ in their views on Vietnam? Why or why not?

2. How did Johnson’s experiences as a politician affect his views on Vietnam? Did his views hinder or help him?

3. How did anti-war activists at home (not just students but those inside government as well) and abroad (this includes foreign governments who were allies yet against American intervention in Vietnam) affect decision making for Johnson? Did it affect his decision making?


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The Vietnam War is the most discussed historical war in the US due to the defeat, political impact, and the casualties that it influenced. In this book, “Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam,” Logevall Fredrick, as the author has given considerate sentiments. Written in the year 1999, the author shared the decision-making difference between Presidents J.F. Kennedy (JFK) and L.B. Johnson (LBJ). In this historical war, both presidents Kennedy and Johnson had different views considering the international and domestic context. In this analysis, this paper brief will outline and discuss the views of presidents Kennedy and Johnson on the Vietnam War and the reasons behind these opinions.(678words)