Voluntary or Mandatory (Compulsory) National Service

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Voluntary or Mandatory (Compulsory) National Service is an element of defence policy used by several countries globally. In this guided policy assessment report, identify and highlight discussions surrounding this policy and the role it plays in the organisation of militaries. Explore lessons that can be learned when comparing the UAE National Service Policy with countries and its impact on defence.  Word Count: 1000 – 1500 words excluding references  Formulating arguments and providing evidence to support position taken, Minimum 10 references required.

Please follow the instructions and grading rubric that is attached to complete the assessment.


Requirements: 1000-1500

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National service refers to either voluntary or compulsory conscription into a program designed in a military-like fashion (Ryssday, 2008). Once a person gets into this program, they undergo training for a specified period before getting allocated duties to perform. National service programs predominantly target the youth, requiring them to engage in public service for a year or longer depending on a country’s laws. For a long time, national service programs have been part of some country’s defense policy considerations (Ryssday, 2008). These countries use the national service programs to conscript the youth and offer them military training compulsorily. They do this because it helps them stay alert and ready for any military attacks or acts of aggression from their enemies.