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vulnerable populations

Compare vulnerable populations. Describe an example of one of these groups in the United States or from another country. Explain why the population is designated as “vulnerable.” Include the number of individuals belonging to this group and the specific challenges or issues involved. Discuss why these populations are unable to advocate for themselves, the ethical issues that must be considered when working with these groups, and how nursing advocacy would be beneficial.

Citation and references please.

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The word “vulnerable” is used to describe the likelihood of a person being attacked or injured, both physically and emotionally. Families, groups, and communities can be vulnerable. Vulnerable groups therefore refer to individuals, groups, or communities who are at a risk of facing certain difficulties in their lives hence are disadvantaged compared to other members of the dominant groups and would therefore need special care and attention (Cerdá et al., 2017). An example of a people who can be classified as vulnerable is the racial and ethnic minority communities. These are communities whose aspects of life like race, religion, and ethnicity involve a smaller group of people than the majority whose aspects of life are different.