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Wellbeing and wellness

Wellbeing and wellness

Interview three counselors/therapists about the importance of wellbeing and self-care of the person of the therapist. Topics to discuss with them and to report on include the effects of caring for others, burnout, and organization pressure and their views on effective methods to deal with these issues.

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Interviewer: Today, we have met for the second time, and I do not think there is a need to concentrate so much on introducing ourselves. However, it is important to remind our audience that the three guests are all therapists. Today, we will concentrate on wellness and wellbeing by discussing the effect of caring for other people, burnout, as well as organizational pressure when it comes to caring for others. As we all know, care is the primary goal of therapists, and we all go to them to receive that care whenever we have health problems. However, most are the times when we talk about the quality of care based on patients’ and forget to see this issue from the therapist’s point of view. Can you please explain to us what you think are the effects of caring for others.

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