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what has to happen before an Agile project begins

Write around 300 words about the topic

Write around 300 words about the topic, “what has to happen before an Agile project begins?”

Most organizations have processes in place that guide effort throughout a project’s life cycle. Given that Agile generally controls only the work that happens while the project is in execution, talk about those things that still have to happen before the Agile project actually starts work.

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Several things happen before the agile project commences. One thing that happens is the creation of the network for implementing the project. Often, technologists focus on the project development process. However, creating a reliable network is essential in project success. Without a reliable network, the outcome can be a clumsy project that can fail in the future.  Before commencing the project, the project manager ensures that the team chosen is qualified for the job and that the conversation on stakeholder engagement has been made to ensure that every member has a role in the project development.(337words)