World History: Jews and Power

World History: Jews and Power: Tangled Relationship

This paper should include the following elements: a) a description of the author and the context in which s/he wrote; b) a concise summary of the argument of the reading(s); c) an articulation of the key questions that arise from the reading, either those raised by the author or those that come to your mind.

This paper should 3 pages in length. Citation to include page numbers.


Said, Edward W. “Zionism from the standpoint of its victims.” Social Text 1(1979): 7-58.


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Edward W. Said published an article in 1979, via the Duke University Press, titled Zionism from the standpoint of its victims. Edward uses a historical context to help his audience understand the source of the tensions between Palestinians and Jews. The tension between Palestine and Jews has been in existence even before the nation of Israel got established. However, the conflict escalated when Jews began exerting their superiority by moving into Palestinian territory. Israel came about as a result of the reconstruction taking place within Palestine (Said 8).