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writers of the Enlightenment and Romanticism

Survey World Lit Writing Assignment

    • The Romantic poets reacted against the Enlightenment in many spheres of thought. They witnessed the ugly side of urban progress, and favored mankind’s natural state. Instead of viewing the world through the lens of skepticism and reason, they expressed an interest in the sublime experience of nature and the mystic experience of the supernatural. Their art sought to inspire rather than merely instruct. Using quotations from today’s readings, provide examples of all of these tendencies and explain them for the reader.
    • The writers of the Enlightenment and Romanticism had diametrically opposed worldviews. Which of these understandings of the world comports more easily with a biblical worldview? Explain why.
  • Requirements: The response paper should adhere to APA formatting and be 350 words in length

Answer preview

The Romantic poets were against the Enlightenment ideologies and poets’ style of writing. Having witnessed the unpleasant side of urban progress, the romantics favored the nonrational state of nature. They believed this would enhance their ability to evoke emotions through natural elements symbolizing misery, joy, and supernatural experiences. Notably, the Romantics used their art to inspire people rather than instruct as they freely expressed their feelings and views.


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