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Writing short paragraphs

write a short paragraph

Discussion 2


In your own words explain Reason’s swiss cheese model. Give an example of this model’s implementation in any industry.

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What are some of the factors that affect vigilance. Which one do you think is the most detrimental and why? What would you do to remedy this problem?

Your main post must be at least 200 words.


write a short paragraph

Discussion 1

Prompt 1:


If you were to conduct a research study, you would have to choose between an Experimental Method or a Correlational Method. Explain the difference between the two. Which one would you choose to utilize, and why?

A youtube video on the topic has been attached for your reference. (Links to an external site.)


Prompt 2:

Explain two reasons why human beings can only perceive the narrow range on the spectrum of visible light? What is one reason why we cannot perceive the X-rays?


Your main post must be at least 200 words.


write a short paragraph

discussion 3:



Explain the concept of Cry Wolf Syndrome in terms of sensors and alerts on vehicles as a method to improve driving safety. Give an example.



Provide a detailed report on the current statistics of automotive accident rates, injuries, and fatalities in the US and worldwide. Additionally focus on statistics involving distraction related to cell phone use and whether we are solving the problem or the problem is getting worse.

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Automotive accidents have become a major problem in the world because they are experienced everywhere. In the United States, the automotive accidents rate is 6 million accidents per year (Puthanpura, Khalifa, Chan, & Barham, 2018). This means that approximately 16,436 accidents happen each day in the United States. In those accidents, about 3 million people suffer from serious injuries every year, where some of them experience permanent disability. According to Thompson (2020), around 37,000 people are killed by road accidents every year in the United States. Reports have also shown that the global death rate of automotive accidents is 1.35 million deaths per year. Apart from the recorded death rate, 20 million people suffer injuries from road accidents per year, leaving many families poor because of overwhelming medical bills.(345 words)


Vigilance is the ability to be observant of things that can cause danger. There are various factors that affect vigilance performance. The first factor is the sensory modality, which represents the mode used to receive signals. When an observer receives both visual and audio signals, there is high vigilance performance than when a single sensory mode is used. The second factor is signal salience, which is the ability of the signal to be sensed. That is, the higher the intensity of critical signals, the lesser the number of uncultured signals. The third factor is the stimulus uncertainty. This occurs when it is hard to know the exact time the critical signal will occur or where on display, the signal will occur (See, 2014). (241 words)


During the research, either the experimental or correlational method can be used. However, the two methods are different in terms of their implementation. In an experimental method, a researcher makes some changes and figures out the effect of those changes. This means that the experimental method is based on the relationship between a cause and its consequences. For example, a poor sleeping style causes back pain. On the other hand, the correlational method is used to find out the relationship between two or more variables. Unlike the experimental method, there is no causal relationship between the variables. Correlation can be represented as either positive, negative, or no correlation (Campbell, 2012).(239 words)