A confederacy of dunces

answer the questions below

  1. What happens to Lena in jail?
  2. What happens to Darlene?
  3. What happens to Jones?
  4. What happens to Mancuso?
  5. Who is waiting at the Reilly home when they get back there?
  6. Who takes the blame for the letter?
  7. What is ig’s middle name?
  8. What does Mrs. Reilly decide to do with her son?
  9. Why does she decide to do it?
  10. What plans do Santa and Irene have for Claude?
  11. Why?
  12. Who saves Ignatius?
  13. Where does he go?

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Officer Angelo Mancuso arrested Lena Lee for possessing a pornographic photo of herself and for soliciting. This was after the undercover officer asked her to help him with her phone, but she did not think he was a police officer. Lena was detained together with three other ladies, Liz, Betty, and Frieda. Lena constantly shouts at the gourds in the cell to get her out. Liz, Betty, and Frieda force her to remove one of the pornographic pictures that she had hidden in her bra to try to lure police officers to get them out.

  1. What happens to Darlene?

Darlene was one of the workers at the Night of Joy bar, where she worked on commission. Her dream was to become a stripper in the bar, but her dream was always turned down by Lena Lee, who was the owner of the bar. After Lena was arrested, she thought her dream would never materialize. Fortunately, she received a call from one of her admirers who owned the club. Her dream was eventually actualized after she was employed as an exotic dancer.(780 words)