Letter from a Birmingham Jail

For this Final Assignment, you will write an essay based on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail you can access it here (Links to an external site.)

You will write an essay that covers the following topics:

  • Define the purpose of the letter
  • Summarize three main points of the letter,
  • Who is his audience?
  • Analyze the letter and describe how it fits into the Rogerian Model.
    • use explicit examples and the terminology (from your book) that informs the reader of the manner in which this letter meets the criteria for the Rogerian model.
    • how does the letter achieve the following: (HINT : Build your thesis around these items)
      • is non-confrontational, friendly
      • respects the views of others and allows for multiple truths
      • seeks to achieve some degree of agreement rather than absolutely convince
  • Requirements:
    1. Must use MS WORD
    2. must be in MLA format (30 pts deduction for non-MLA format)
    3. 1250 word count
    4. use 3-5 quotes from the text
    5. Include a Works Cited


Answer preview

Dr. King’s letter, while at Birmingham’s jail, mainly responded to the criticism of his operations by the clergymen. They critiqued the activities undertaken by King in the city towards protests against racism and segregation among the black community. In the letter, he mentions the events taking place in Birmingham and justifies his involvement in the non-violent demonstrations. Dr. King wrote a persuasive message that condemned the social injustices affecting African Americans in the United States. However, he addresses this issue by applying a friendly and non-confrontational tone based on multiple truths.(1389words)