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Ethical problems

Forum Week 1

Select ONLY ONE question listed below to write an essay for this week’s discussion forum.

1. From Chapter 1 as a manager, identify the moral or principles you most relate to and describe why. Explain why it is important, in your opinion, for managers to embrace.2. From Chapter 2 and Figure 4 (Scheme for solving ethical problems), describe some of the administrative/organizational challenges as it relates to ethics that managers must consider when looking to solve ethical problems.


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Answer preview

Consideration of ethical standards requires healthcare managers to maintain a good relationship with care providers, organizations, and patients. Moral philosophies such as utilitarian teleology and Kantian deontology form the foundation of ethical principles that should be embraced in healthcare organizations (Darr, 2011). When managers embrace these principles, they can develop and improve personal ethics. As a manager, I profoundly relate to the principle of respect to persons when performing my duties. This principle contains the element of confidentiality, which I observe. I keep information about our organization, staff, and patients confidential, except on justified circumstances. I also agree with the element of fidelity as I always ensure that I keep my promise, unless when moral grounds make me break it.(396words)