A Film response on Gladiator

2-3 pages film respond on Gladiator (dir. Ridley Scott) with Russell Crowe

Watch the film Gladiator (dir. Ridley Scott) with Russell Crowe.

Read https://bmcr.brynmawr.edu/2004/2004.07.40.

For full credit you need to refer to the article and to specific scenes!

Write 2-3 pages answering the following questions:

§ How do major characters such as Maximus, Commodus, and senator Gaius express the values of late imperial Rome?
§ Based on the movie, how would you describe society at the time the film takes place? How “civilized” is it compared to previous periods and regions? Consider men and women and elite and commoners.
§ What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning about history through (fictional) feature films?
§ What impressed you the most about this movie?
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Gladiator is a 2000 film produced by Ridley Scott’s to portray the ancient world (Winkler, 2004).  It was based on the context of the late imperial Rome when gladiators were selected to fight in the arena. The combat was part of the games played during ancient Rome to entertain the emperors and spectators. However, the film was directed based on the personal vision of the producer, Ridley. As a result, it created several historical errors since it was loosely based on the late Roman Empire. (646 words)