Adaptive management

Adaptive management

2 part essay 1500 min words APA 2 scholarly references, conclusion included


  1. Why should program evaluation be used for public health and not-for-profit institutions in the development of adaptive strategies?
  2. Explain the strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE) matrix. How may adaptive strategic alternatives be developed using SPACE?

Professional Development:

Case Study #8: “Dr. Louis Mickael: The Physician as Strategic Manager”

Develop an environmental assessment and an internal capabilities analysis using decision support tools that have been introduced in this module (such as PLC analysis, BCG portfolio analysis, SPACE analysis and so on). Analyze alternative strategies to include pros and cons of each alternative, then conclude with a recommended strategy and brief implementation plan.

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            The healthcare sector provides a complex work environment for professionals involved because it requires them to balance different interests. The primary role of any healthcare framework is to provide a safe and efficient mechanism for addressing patients’ varying healthcare needs. Despite their essential role in sustaining a healthy society, health facilities are not any different from other entities like business organizations and similar institutions. Hospitals and other facilities rely on the availability of resources and qualified personnel to operate efficiently. Consequently, medical facilities must be ready to incur high costs in a bid to secure the best equipment and most qualified personnel. In this respect, healthcare must combine both medical and economical concerns to ensure that they provide safe and sustainable services. This paper delves into adaptive strategies that health institutions may adopt to improve business efficiency and health services delivery.(1884words)