Advanced nurse practitioners.

Based on Module 1: Lecture Materials & Resources and experience, what are the roles and responsibilities of the advanced nurse practitioners in prescribing?

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Another key role and responsibility of APNs are to specify the treatment’s therapeutic objective to ensure they offer the patient a direct prescription with a clear goal. For instance, for patients suffering from diabetes and added hypertension diagnoses, the therapeutic objective as a nurse would be to help lower the blood pressure up to 130/180 to help manage both diseases. Therefore, the APNs should offer the patient the most appropriate therapeutic drug, which is less costly, tolerable, and effective (Htay & Whitehead, 2021). Monitoring patients more often allows nurses to monitor the effectiveness of the medication and reduce harm, especially to older patients who are vulnerable to polypharmacy. Therefore, nurses should keep in touch with their patients to monitor if they are taking the drugs as prescribed and the effectiveness of the medication.

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