Energy your family uses.

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we use ; natural gas, wind energy

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impacts the environment by reducing the carbon footprint (Goldstein et al., 2020). My household can reduce energy consumption in various ways. All appliances should be switched off as most have ‘standby’ modes and consume energy when not used. It is essential to upgrade to more energy-friendly appliances and efficiently operate them. The household should switch to LED lighting as LED bulbs are energy- and cost-efficient, and durable (Hu et al., 2022). Reducing energy consumption can also be achieved by economizing on hot water. Hot water systems are significant energy consumers within households, and my household can make savings in this area with a solar or heat pump system. Furthermore, turning off power strips is crucial. Electronics and various appliances draw electricity when plugged in, even when in sleep mode. Finally, my household can utilize line drying as tumble drying consumes significant energy. Line drying is cost-effective and enhances energy conservation (Goldstein et al., 2020).

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