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NetworkingBUS 624 Week 3 Discussion 2

BUS 624 Week 3 Discussion 2

Review The Networking Advice No One Tells You (Links to an external site.) article.

Networking is a critical part of managing your career and like everything else related to your career, it must be done intentionally and strategically. Oftentimes we don’t consider networking until we need a new job and it is easy to appear desperate at that point. By building up your network before you actually need it, you are creating a safety net for yourself, minimizing the chances of needing to aggressively hit the job boards, and improving the odds of new opportunities actually finding you.

For your initial response, use The Networking Advice No One Tells You (Links to an external site.) as your guide and

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  • Discuss the things in your life that currently hold you back from networking.
  • Explain your value proposition based on your career goals.
  • Outline a networking plan that includes five next strategic steps to take (be specific and realistic here).
  • Share your LinkedIn profile URL so your classmates can begin connecting with you.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 400 words.

Answer preview

My mindset is one thing that holds me back from networking because I believe the purpose of networking is for individual benefit. The factor reduces the opportunities of interacting with other people and establishing relationships that would lead to new connections. According to Marcus (2018), failure to strategies networking in line with my career goals and ambitions is another thing that holds one back from networking. On most occasions, I engage with random people and miss the opportunity of meeting with professionals in my career field. The other factor is the limit of my networking boundary. Associating with people with whom we share the same views and background limits the exposure of new connections and different views. The other concern is that I don’t follow up conversations of people I interact with, which minimizes the chances of establishing real relationships that can lead to strategic networking. Similarly, I don’t plan and allocate time to network as in other schedules. This limits the time I interact with people who can lead to new connections.(572 words)