Aesthetic value

8 to 10-page paper covers a topic of philosophy; Aesthetic. The paper will be written in APA Style 7th Edition with title page, narrative, and reference page. I chose this topic because I believe that everything has some type of beauty and someone’s trash is another mans treasure. I also believe that everyone shows emotions even when they do not think that they are, we cannot go a day without expressing some form of emotion.

Requirements: 8-10 pages


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  1. Does an object have aesthetic value only if it serves some function? Are art objects valuable in themselves, without any functions? Explain.

I do not think that an object can only have aesthetic value only if it serves some sort of function. But I do believe that all objects have a function. The function of Art work is for the artist to express themselves and showcase their talents. Along with the people buying said art work, the function is to add personality to where ever they place the art work. Name one thing that does not in some form or way have a function to our lives? Nose hair, can be an object, the function is to help prevent bacteria from getting inside our bodies.

  1. Is it possible to rationally examine an object, person, or thing devoid of emotion/feeling? If so, how so or how not?

I do not believe that you can examine an object, person or thing and devoid of emotion and feeling. I think that we as humans, even when we try not to show emotion or feeling that no matter we do. With that being sad I believe that we can not rationally examine something without some sort of emotion or feeling. For example, you look at a piece of art and someone ask “you how do you feel about this art piece? ” In which you respond ” I don’t know”, but who says that the feeling of not knowing isn’t a feeling? And if they did why cannot be? Not knowing something to me is just as much as a feeling or emotion as any other typical feeling or emotion. Just like when people say they want to be “normal”, well ok, but what exactly is “normal”? My normal is not the same as your normal, so how we do define someone’s feelings when they use the expression ” I don’t know”. I just feel as almost it is impossible to not have or show some type of feeling or emotion, it is as if it is in our human nature. Those feelings and emotions are what define us and help people understand who we are just like those art pieces and object etc., by explaining what you believe their value is and how you see them.

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One of the 18th-century philosophers who examined the concept of aesthetics was the Earl of Shaftesbury. He came up with a vital distinction that still holds water today. Shaftesbury distinguished between enjoying something due to the benefit it brings them and enjoying something for the sake of it, or rather just because it should be enjoyed (Townsend, 2013). Shaftesbury dealt with the question of how is it that a person’s experience can be both subjective and, to some extent, also objective and universal. He argued that the world’s beauty and people’s creations push a person’s mind towards a greater appreciation of the beauty of the creation and its creator (Townsend, 2013). David Hume took a different approach when dealing with the same issue. Hume did away with the concept of the creator of beauty, arguing that people move with their imagination towards recognizing some utility, irrespective of whether this recognition is accurate or not.

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Aesthetic value