Airline companies in the U.S,

Make a PPT and OUTLINE with your analysis of our business case number 3: “SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: IS “LUV” AT THE LIMIT?” ****link to the book is below with the case study on PAGE 479****

Southwest, historically known for its highly efficient and successful ‘low-cost’ operations, had paid millions over the past decade to settle safety violations. Southwest was fined for flying planes that needed repairs including at least two incidents where the roofs of Southwest planes opened up inflight. Could Southwest remain an airline that customers loved?

Your assignment is to evaluate the strength of the competitive forces in the airline industry using Porter’s 5 Forces framework–***PAGE 52 on the linked book***. How does Southwest’s approach to competing in this industry influence the competitive forces it faces? How has it benefited from the broader changes in the external environment and what should it be concerned about in future?

You will assume the role of an external consultant hired by the firm’s corporate leadership. Each student must produce and deliver a short (approximately 3 minute) presentation identifying a strategic issue faced by the firm, and providing a recommendation to address the strategic issue. No external sources may be used.

Specifically, your PPT and OUTLINEcase analysis must:

  • Address a professional audience (in relation to their rhetorical context, e.g., C-Suite, Board of Directors)
  • Identify the strategic issue faced by the firm
  • Provide at least one piece of concrete evidence to show that this is a strategic issue
  • Identify a specific recommendation
  • Support that recommendation with one piece of evidence to show that it would help resolve the strategic issue



the case study is on pages 479- 484

Requirements: OUTLINE AND PPT

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  1. How Southwest’s approach to competition influences the competitive forces it faces
  2. Business model based on low-cost pricing and innovative logistics solutions.
  3. Deeply focused customer service
  4. How Southwest has benefited from the broader changes in the external environment and its future concerns.
  5. Unique nature of operations
  6. High external forces enabling the implementation of new strategies
  7. Loyalty services to customers

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Airline companies in the U.S,