American civil war

Questions about America after civil war

Discuss the various stages of Reconstruction. What impact did it have on African-Americans?

Describe the significance of J.D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Discuss the growth of their respective industries. What philosophies did both men embrace?

Discuss the plight of African Americans after the Civil War. What methods were incorporated to disenfranchise black Americans?

Who were the so-called “New Immigrants”? How were they received by native-born Americans?

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The Civil War was one of the most turbulent periods that the United States had to go through. After the culmination of the war, it was imperative that all the states, irrespective of whether they were on the winning or losing side, cooperate to form the United States (Guelzo, 2018). Reconstruction is the terminology used to depict the processes and procedures deployed to bring the Southern States into the fold and the millions of slaves freed after the end of the civil war. The Civil War created extensive political upheavals, social and economic disorder. The reconstruction period was meant to help the Southern states recover from such issues, considering the war had destroyed many of their crops, cities, and infrastructure. The reconstruction period had three major stages; the first was restoring the Union, which encompassed convincing the Southern states to be part of the United States (Guelzo, 2018). To get readmission, ten percent of the voters in these states would have to pledge loyalty to the United States. The second stage revolved around trying to change Southern society and their way of life. The final stage involved coming up with laws that would protect the rights and the interests of the newly freed slaves.(1349 words)