origins of the Cold War

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Discuss the First 100 Days of the New Deal. What were some of the programs that radically changed American society?

How did World War II affect the following groups: Women, Japanese-Americans, and African-Americans?

Discuss the origins of the Cold War. What “hot conflicts” occurred between 1945 and 1975?

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During President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office, he instituted a series of activities. According to many scholars, there have never been such legislative achievements by a president in such a short time. During the New deal, president Franklin D. Roosevelt started with an ambiguous series of programs and projects initiated to mitigate the devastating effects of the great depression (Fishback, 2016). The programs and the projects were aimed to bring back prosperity to Americans. Some of the significant bills had substantial reforming impacts in the real estate, banking, the job market, and public works.