Women in Technology (in STEM)

Women in Technology (in STEM)

I am looking for someone who can write 10-15 minutes of speech on the subject “Women in Technology (STEM)” . I want speech to be about how people underestimate women in STEM fields and how does one can inspire/encourage todays young girls to be part of todays technology and to pursue their dreams/studies in STEM fields.

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Thank you for responding very quickly. I do have some resources which might help you. here it is —> News & Press (womenintechnology.org)

Research on how to write a speech so that you can be able to write a good speech


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Every time you hear somebody mention a mathematician, a scientist, or an engineer, probably your mind promptly creates an image of an awkward man wearing a lab coat and glasses. That was the case of several learners whose teacher asked them to draw the picture of a mathematician. Seventy percent of the learners drew pictures of men. Persistently and throughout generations, the same images of male engineers, mathematicians, and scientists have been drawn in our minds and have influenced our thinking and choices as women.