Essay 1 Page ,(min4 paragraph), Book International Business 12th edition . Chapter 1 Globalization

After researching in your online library or research using peer-reviewed journals, address what you have discovered about globalization, particularly, its impact on the 21st century global marketplace.

PYour initial post must be 4 paragraphs 6 lines in length with a minimum of 2 references in APA format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or search engines, as they present a biased opinion. Use peer-reviewed articles to support your thoughts!

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Globalization Pros and Cons

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Globalization means the increasing interdependence of the world’s cultures, economies, and population due to cross-border trades in technology, goods and services, and the flow of capital, information, and people (Trilling & David, 2017). Over the recent past, various countries have built bilateral and multilateral economic partnerships that facilitate movements and, consequently, interdependence. Since the end of the cold war in the 1990s, globalization has gained popularity following a boom in cooperative agreements between countries.