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Discussion Question

Discussion Question

1.Create an argument for or against the government’s role in electronic medical record (EMR) standards. Justify your argument with at least two reasonable pieces of evidence for government intervention by referencing specific, recent, and relevant examples in relation to this week’s videos.

2.Describe three national infrastructures that require interoperability between all hospitals in the United States. Suggest two ways that the use of an integrated delivery system improves the quality of patient services. Justify your response in relation to this week’s videos.

Requirements: .doc file.

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 The United States government has been at the forefront of encouraging health care organizations to incorporate technology into their operations (Herian et al., 2014). One of the areas of focus has been the use of electronic medical records. In 2010, the federal government came up with a policy that sought to enhance EMRs within the country’s health care system. As per this policy, the government committed to making extra payments to health care facilities and physicians who make meaningful use of electronic medical records (Herian et al., 2014).