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Musculoskeletal, metabolism and multi system complexities.

Musculoskeletal, metabolism and multi system complexities.

1 – Describe some of the more common pathophysiological changes and abnormal findings associated with musculoskeletal, metabolic, and multisystem health dysfunctions. Explain what symptoms are associated with the findings and how these affect patient function.

2 – Explain the risk factors for osteoporosis. What can a nurse do to help manage this health condition to restore the patient to optimal health?

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Musculoskeletal health dysfunctions are health conditions that affect the human locomotive system. These health conditions are more than one hundred and fifty different diagnoses that affect the bones, muscles, and joints. They also affect some tissues such as ligaments and tendons and can be short-lived or life-long conditions.  One of the pathophysiologies of musculoskeletal health dysfunctions is repetitive and forceful tasks, which lead to tissue reorganization or injury and reorganization of the central nerve system (CNS) (Benjamin et al., 2019). Secondly, tissue injuries cause chronic, acute, or systemic inflammations.  Systemic inflammations are known to cause several symptoms that affect one’s locomotion ability. Thirdly, tissue reorganization is pathophysiologic and is mainly caused by reduced tissue tolerance. This happens when the tissue is exposed to repetitive forceful tasks or injuries, which lead to pain and disability (Benjamin et al., 2019). Lastly, repetitive injuries to previously injured tissues are also prevented reconstitution and healing of the tissues.