Survey World Literature

Unit 7 DB Survey World Literature

1. What do you think of the decisions Daru makes in “The Guest”? Were they wise? What might he have done that would have produced a better outcome?

2.Ultimately, is the message of Camus’s “The Guest” positive or negative? Is its view of mankind optimistic or pessimistic? Explain.

Each question should be 250 words each.

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Daru’s decisions in “The Guest” entail allowing the unnamed Arab prisoner to make his choice whether to use the direction to Tinguit, the prison, or to the south in the pasture lands and nomads that would take care of him (Camus 1958, 2320).   This decision was wise because, despite the prisoner killing his cousin, Daru acted according to his conventions that handing over to the administration is contrary to honor. Since Daru had considered fleeing the prisoner and informed Balducci that he would not hand the prisoner over, the decision seems to favor his conventions (Camus 1958, 2316). Moreover, when Daru listens at night and thinks that the prisoner has escaped, he says, “Good riddance!” This proves that Daru would love it if the Arab escapes to avoid moral choices. Thus, the decision is wise because, for every choice, there are consequences. Deciding to allow the prisoner to choose his fate has outcomes as handing him or escaping.