legal decisions taken by congress

legal decisions taken by congress

1. in the summary section, what are mandatory minimums? How do mandatory minimums vary, according to crime (hint: drug laws)? Also, how has this jeopardized justice in limiting the authority that judges have in addressing criminal behavior? Please list the federal statutes, or drug laws passed by congress, in your answer. Lastly, what are some of the arguments against mandatory minimums? How have they been misused? Explain your answer.

2. What have been some arguments for reform? (advisory note: you may argue the costs, as well as mention the reform advice within your answer). Overall, how do you feel about mandatory minimums? Do you feel that they been effective in addressing what they were intended to address, or do judges need to be allowed to use their own discretion when it comes to sentencing criminals? Explain your answer (links to an external site.)

Requirements: 2 pages

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The criminal justice system is a complex matrix that utilizes numerous rules to achieve desired policy objectives. Sentencing is one of the most vital processes in providing justice as it marks the end of the entire process that starts with arrest and prosecution. Consequently, different interest groups have placed a considerable emphasis on sentencing guidelines and advocate for diverse reforms. This paper discusses the complexities surrounding mandatory minimums and possible reforms.