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Non-Communicable Disease Low Income vs. Other Country Income

Non-Communicable Disease Low Income vs. Other Country Income Discussion

For this discussion, your instructor will assign you one of two countries based on last name. One country will be the low-income country of Ukraine, and the other country is the “other-income” country of New Zealand.

Based upon your assigned country, identify the burden NCDs play among their selected contries. Brainstorm potential cost-effective approaches to reducing the burden.

In your post, discuss the following:

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  • How does the burden of NCDs compare to the burden of other cause groups in your assigned country?
  • Who is most impacted by NCDs in your assigned country?
  • Broadly, what is the economic burden of NCDs in your assigned country?
  • What are potential cost-effective approaches to reducing the burden of NCDs in your assigned country?
  • Initial post: 300-350 words
  • References required: minimum of 2 for the initial post; references only required as needed for response posts.
  • assigned country is Ukraine

Requirements: 2 days

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Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have been on the rise globally over the years. This has caused them to take center stage for research in many countries, including developing nations like Ukraine. The World Health Organization (2020) notes that NCDs contribute 82% of all deaths in Ukraine. The study identified NCDs like cancers, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health conditions as the leading ones in the high prevalence of premature deaths, which is significantly high compared to other cause groups like suicide in the country. Suicide causes 62% of all premature deaths in Ukraine (The World Health Organization, 2020). The study also showed that the age group between 30-65 years is the most affected by the burden of non-communicable diseases.