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An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as optimum as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues and what they should do next to get back on track.


As the Organizational Development consultant, the company has requested you to design a System 4 Management model for the newly merged company. You will need to create and record this as a presentation to be presented to the executives of the company. You can use any Webware/Software of your choosing for the voice recording.

Note: You need to record yourself giving the presentation; you will need your voiceover (audio) with the PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. In your presentation, you will want to address the following areas:

  1. Introduce System 4 Management.
  2. Discuss what a learning organization is, and how it can foster positive change.
  3. Assess some common mistakes or problems that may happen if other management systems are used.
  4. Provide suggestions for best practices their managers can use to incorporate System 4 Management to become a high-performing company.
  5. Conclude your presentation with your recommendations.
  6. Consider using graphics in your presentation that represent the System 4 Management model.

Requirements: powerpoint

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System 4 is an effective management approach that will resolve all the merger issues.

Engagement of employees will enhance affective commitment and leads to better performance.

The outlined best practices to improve performance is the only condition that will enhance good performance in using System 4.

There is a need for a transformative leadership style to influence organizational change and enhance better employee performance.

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American Internet Technology company