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ancient Egyptian artifact

In your own words, write a three-page essay about ancient Egyptian artifact: The Narmer Cover Page and work cited page

Art History 1 MLA FORMAT need it by november 1st 1.) In your own words, write a three-page essay about ancient Egyptian artifact: The Palette of Narmer. Include a formal analysis of the symbolism carved into the front and back of the piece. Include the historical significance of the work and how important it is to ancient Egyptian cultural today. Use Microsoft Word to write the essay in MLA format.


Cover page and Work Cited Page required.

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Ancient Egyptian Artifacts has enormous, enchanting, and stunning archaeological discoveries created more than 4000 years. The honor for gods and holy Pharaohs inspired the designs of the artifacts. The artifacts were designed with a particular order, excellency, and symmetric imagery showing everlasting stories. Many artifacts of different sizes, shapes, and functions have been discovered (Brémont, 228). The objects are of various categories, such as statues, household items, stone vessels, ivory statues, tools, and detailed figures. The most famous ones include Tutankhamun’s mask, Canopic Jars, The Nefertiti Bust, the Rosetta Stone Khufu statue, and Kendra Zodia, Narmer’s palette. We will discuss the Narmer palette, symbolist carving, significance, and importance to ancient Egyptian culture.