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Ancient empires

Q: How are the rise and fall of the Egyptian, Hebrew, and Assyrian empires connected? Why was there so much shifting of power and what was the purpose of attaining more power?

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The Egyptians

The Nile and the God-King

Egyptian Society and Work

Migrations, Revivals, and Collapse

The Emergence of New States

The Hebrews

The Hebrew State

The Jewish Religion

Hebrew Society

The Assyrians and Persians

Assyria, the Military Monarchy

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The rise and fall of the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Hebrew empires are connected in that their rise resulted from civilization and expansion while fall resulted from divisions by newcomers. For example, in the Hebrew empire, civilization resulted from adopting agriculture (McKay et al., 2011). However, Philistines lead to the empire’s downfall since they migrated and established a kingdom in Canaan. Despite establishing a monarchy that defeated the philistines after the monarchy, the Hebrew empire was divided into Israel and Judah. Babylonians and Assyrians wiped out the empire.(253 words)