Forced choice

Critical Thinking – Forced Choice

Which of the following health behaviors would you least like (worst) your children (age under 17) to do? In the process of making a decision weigh the legal, physical, emotional, financial consequences of each life style activity. Rationally defend your forced choice of the behavior.

1. Drink two (2) drinks before dinner every night

2. Smoke pot twice a week

3. Smoke 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day

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Drinking two drinks before dinner every night is the worst health behavior, I would like my child, less than seventeen years, compared to smoking pot twice a week and a half pack of cigarettes a day. This is because alcoholism for a child less than seventeen years has physical consequences such as less muscle control, poor muscle coordination, difficulty in standing and walking, and uncontrolled urinating, among others (Donatelle, 2011). These consequences can cause considerable implications since they would inhibit effective academic concentration resulting in poor performance. This is because it would be difficult for the child to, for instance, prepare for exams due to poor muscle coordination. The behavior can also lead to fatalities when the child drives.(403 words)