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anti-black racism and discrimination in nursing

Assignment part B

Please read all the instructions carefully in order to do the Part B assignment. Please remember that it is connected with the Part A that you had done earlier. Please use 7th edition APA and peer-reviewed article with the five years. Also check plagiarism.

the same on The anti-black racism and discrimination in nursing and need to expand with all the information asking in the outline that I have sent you.

Comments: I am interested to know if you asked these questions and/or used the webinar information to help you answer those questions. A brief summary tying ideas together would have helped to end the assignment.

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The professor actually wants the brief summary at the end.


Answer preview

The Anti-black Racism and Discrimination in Nursing Reflective Analysis

Attending the professional meeting had a critical influence on my thoughts on anti-black racism and discrimination in the nursing profession in the country and globally. Understanding how systematic racism and discrimination affects career development is an important intervention. Major events in the meeting, including the speaker’s presentations and the question and answer sessions, were professionally conducted. The meeting’s objectives were fulfilled, and I will use the experience in professional conduct and meetings.  This paper is a reflection of the professional meeting and analysis of its outcomes based on the LEARN model.  Professional meetings influenced a change of thought on black nurses’ experiences, and I look forward to attending similar forums and utilizing various mechanisms to enhance change. (1368 words)