Application of electronic technology

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Before proceeding to the telehealth approach, one must comprehend the basics and requirements that make this technique effective in providing health services to patients. Identifying the evidence that the adoption of telehealth will benefit both the patient and healthcare provider is an issue of high priority (Kidholm et al., 2017). It is essential to understand the platforms one can use, the technical requirements, and the patients’ preferences before deciding to apply the approach to treatment. The following are the essential aspects a medical practitioner should consider; the availability of technology within the organization, safety, patient’s perspectives, economic aspects, the health problem, and the characteristics of the application and clinical effectiveness. There are several evaluation models and frameworks that can be used to measure the effectiveness of telehealth. I would use information collected through surveys on patients’ experience and staff satisfaction to determine if the technique will be a success (Kidholm et al., 2017). The survey will help reveal patients’ access to care, if they are using the new technology, the availability of the required technology within the organization,

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Application of electronic technology