Applying High Order Thinking Skills

This is a Higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) assignment- I will attached information for assignment.

Higher order thinking skills assignment. To teach adults students on grief and loss counseling- this is what i chose. I will attached all the information, please read first if you will be able to complete. this assignment on i teaching adults on grief and loss using active learning. What the adult students will get out of it, any information you need please ask me, this assignment have different parts.


i uploaded an example of how it supposed to look for the case load the professor said we can make up one or look for a casework online. I want my caseload to be on someone coming for grief and loss

want my audience to recognize various intervention, stage of grief, how to conduct and understand assessment for grief and loss. Thanks

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The learning activity chosen is evaluating case studies for people who are attending counseling for grief and loss. Analysis of the case studies entails using critical thinking skills that will engage the students in analyzing and interpreting the case studies successfully. Walker (2003) says that using essential thinking keeps people engaged as it entails aspects like analyzing, evaluating, interpreting information, and making assumptions. Self-awareness is a prerequisite in critical thinking since it enables people to interpret analysis and inferences without bias. Bonwell (n.d) asserts that active learning is an important learning strategy because the students are actively involved in learning, and more emphasis is placed on increasing student motivation. Giving the students’ case studies on people affected by grief and loss to analyze is one way of achieving active learning and critical thinking in learning. The students will be more involved in analyzing and interpreting, a vital issue in active learning, unlike when the learning is teacher-centered.  The students will assess the severity of the cases and determine the more severe case. They will also suggest ways of helping the bereaved patients recover from the trauma and stress accompanied by losing their loved ones.