Basics of management

Management has often been described as a universal process, meaning the basics of management are transferable and applicable in almost any environment. Do you believe a good manager in a bank could be equally effective in a college or university? Explain your reasoning.

make sure you cite all sources and use peer reviewed articles if possible.

Requirements: 400 words

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Technical skills are specific to a particular discipline or field and confer competence on the acquirer of the skills, for example, banking skills that make a banker competent to perform banking activities. On the other hand, conceptual skills make an individual capable of connecting and appreciating the working dynamics of an organization and the interconnectedness of the diverse departments in an organization (Matsudaira, 2019). Finally, our interpersonal skills require a person to be properly sociable in a way that allows them to work within a team and inspire productivity through their influence on other people.

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Basics of management