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Beyond Google

Beyond Google

This is very true when you look outside the US. I want you all to pick another search engine that is popular outside the US and document your experience using it. You can use this article (Links to an external site.)as a starting point for finding other search engines.

At least 500 words, citing the articles.

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Today, people depend on internet content for information access. For example, most people use the internet contents to buy goods and send gifts. Others depend on the internet for news and academic content. However, people must utilize search engines in order to benefit from the internet. A search engine is a cloud-based software that people access when they want to find content on the internet. It uses a technique called crawling to search for information on all other computers connected to the internet. The crawling process ensures that the information retrieved is recent and relevant. Currently, most people are aware of the Google search engine. Google is popular because of its advancements, including the introduction of the android operating system for smartphones. However, people should know that Google is not the only search engine in the world.