Biological and Psychological Theories


Topic 1: Biological and Psychological Theories

What do you consider to be the most important issues faced by biological and psychological theorists in explaining criminal behaviors? Why? How could the theories gain more credibility in the scientific community?

Topic 2: Routine Activities Theory:

There are three routine activities that are likely to produce crime and enhance the chances of victimization. Name each of those three activities and discuss their implications

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Biological and psychological theories are used in criminology to explain the behavior of a criminal. Both the biological and psychological theorists are faced with a common issue, which is the causation of crime. That is, they face challenges explaining what influences the other between the criminal and the circumstances in which crimes are committed. For example, it requires someone to think very hard to determine the causal relationship between someone’s thoughts and crime. Another common issue is the prediction problem. Theorists face challenges when explaining how crime can be predicted. For example, biological theorists find it hard to distinguish an anti-social person from a criminal (Rean, 2018). In order for these theories to work in a scientific community, they need to be more credible. This is because the proof is needed that someone did a crime. Therefore, instead of explaining how criminals behave, the theories should provide a clear link between crime and criminals. Also, the theories should provide a way of identifying a criminal from non-criminals.(364 words)