Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement

Find a news story from anytime in the past year addressing a political or social issue (e.g., the BLM movement; the MAGA movement) that has roots in the historical developments covered in this class. Write an essay (3-4 pages) examining the historical roots of this issue. How did we get here? You must draw from at least 1 assigned reading from each week (at least 5 altogether) and at least 1 assigned documentary film.

Introduce the news story in the beginning of your essay. Then tell me how the story has roots in historical developments covered in our readings.

If you would like to also draw from readings not assigned in this course, talk to me first.

Your essay should be argument-driven. That means it should have a thesis statement in the first paragraph. A thesis is an argument–something that is debatable (not simply a statement of a fact).

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Despite the segregation laws that suppressed Blacks’ freedom, Mohl (2001) emphasizes the racist practices in housing in post-World War II. Back then, blacks and other ethnic minority groups made massive suburban migrations based on redevelopment measures. Amidst the persistent residential resettlements, segregation was still a central issue in the urban changes during the postwar, thus demonstrating the racial divide that steered conflict (Katznelson, 2002). As Blacks sought housing in central cities due to the demand for more settlement hoods, second ghettos emerged in the cities as well as the suburban fringes that whites dominated. When looking at a film like the “Boyz n the Hood,” Singleton (1991) showcases how the ghettos harbor
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Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement