Bootsy Collins

4th year University level Music Writing 1000 words, Course name: Rock and Roll Era& Beyond

Artist Profile:

Write an Artist Profile on one of the following artists or bands:

Bootsy Collins

Buffy Sainte-Marie

The Clash

Grand Master Flash

What are the formative influences for this artist/band? How did they learn their trade and in which kinds of music? If there was a breakthrough moment in their career, when did it occur? Describe this moment. What were the factors in play? Was this artist involved in any major recordings? i.e. songs that are considered “classic” or notable contributions in the history of popular music. Did this artist/band influence future musicians in the field? If so, who, and briefly describe.

Your assignment should be roughly 1000 words [2 pages singles spaced].

You must provide three online sources for this assignment. Wikipedia is an acceptable place to begin given current conditions, but there are numerous sources of information. I’ve provided some tips for online research on Brightspace. You cannot use quotes of any kind in this assignment. It is to be written in your own words. However, avoid writing in first person unless you wish to express personal opinion at the end of the report. This is acceptable once you have completed the criteria for the assignment. You cannot submit this assignment in point form. One strategy is to create a point form draft in which you answer all of the pertinent questions. Then write the assignment using your draft as a skeleton [I have included a sample version of a point form rough draft and a final draft]. Remember what I said off the top of the class about the difference between a fan and a student. You are a student.

I will post one sample for the assignment, but you CAN NOT copy them, just take a look for reference and format.

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William Earl Collins, well known as Bootsy, was a significant figure in the 1970s, in the field of music. Born in 1951, Collins rose to stardom together with his mentor, James Brown in the late 60s. The fame furthered on in the 70s when he joined the Parliament-Funkadelic, a group of artists who profoundly influenced the funk music style. As a funk bassist, songwriter, and singer from the United States, Collins’ hilarious vocals made him become a prominent figure in funk music. Today, Collins is a recognized artist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, having been inducted in 1977 with other funk artists from the Parliament-Funkadelic Empire.(1094words)