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Business strategies

Case analysis (Global Business strategies)

Read the main case + 2 articles and answer 3 questions

You must use the material completely… try not to use outside sources (you can but don’t lean on too much)

The screenshot is the questions…

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Main case is Team wikispeed, the rest are two articles

Always have a little summarize at the beginning like you use to do.


Answer preview

Currently, the modern business environment is more competitive than ever, and this is because numerous business outfits have emerged to compete for roughly the same market. Therefore, successful companies are those that devise means which give them a competitive edge over their rivals. One such measure entails the adoption of a practical business strategy. The term business strategy is a workable plan that a business entity uses to compete favorably with other organizations, improve financial performance, achieve organizational goals, and attract new customers. An effective strategy is one that plots a clear guideline on actions that people are encouraged (not) to take for the betterment of the company, thus ensuring that no vital aspect of the business is left to chance. In this digital era, innovations like the internet have driven companies towards globalization, raising the stakes, and making it imperative for companies to adopt effective strategies. Regarding the analysis of business organizations’ strategies, few are as insightful as Team Wikispeed’s case. This paper proceeds on the thesis that Team Wikispeed’s case is a testament to the fact that companies must incorporate novel ideas into their operations if they are to succeed in the business scene.(1424words)