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Challenges facing organizational development


In 500 words, 12 point font and double spaced discuss the following commentary theme:

Select one future challenge facing management in the OD field that you as a manager feel will be the hardest one for you to succeed in conquering.

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The paper should discuss the following points:

  • a description of the challenge
  • how it is a challenge for the future workplace
  • why it is a challenge for managers
  • why you think it will be hard for you personally to succeed, include a discussion of the skills needed to manage the challenge and how they relate to you personally
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Organizational development (OD) is a fundamental process that enables the manager to build the organization’s capacity to change and sustain greater effectiveness. In the process, managers have to develop, improve, and reinforce strategies and structures aimed up promoting organizational effectiveness. Although organization development is crucial, there are anticipated challenges that may affect capacity building processes and management competencies.(560 words)