Civil Rights and Historical Distortion

Discussion: Civil Rights and Historical Distortion

Following the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr., widened his concerns beyond African American Civil Rights; he went on to question the Vietnam War and advocate for those in. King’s departure from his original campaign caused many of his followers to question the goals and principles of the Civil Rights Movement. After reading your text, answer the following questions in your discussion post: What do you think the goals of the Civil Rights activists were? Why did the movement split in the mid-1960s? What do you believe are the most important successes of the Civil Rights Movement? What were the failures of the movement? Have modern Americans distorted either the understanding of the Civil Rights leaders or the movement itself? Fully explain your answers.

To receive full credit for this assignment your post must:

  1. Address the questions asked in the paragraph above in at least a 300-word post and cite all outside sources appropriately
  2. In your initial post, include at least one interesting question the readings raised for you
  3. Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts and attempt to answer their question (100 word posts minimum)

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The Civil Rights movement started in 1960. The main objective of the Civil Rights activists was to end racial segregation and discrimination among African Americans. The discrimination was evident in employment practices, while segregation was evident in the transportation sector, where there was a prohibition of interstate transportation and segregation on waiting rooms in the South. African Americans had different waiting rooms from their counterparts. The activist engaged in non-violent activities such as the set-in in Greensboro that lasted for six months and the march on Washington.(370words)