Cognitive training

Kotter change Model

Write a draft of the introduction to your system analysis and how Stage 1 and 2(1. Creating sense of urgency and 2. Form a powerful guiding coalition) of Kotter’s Change Model apply to your topic (use of cognitive training to improve the care of dementia patients in skilled nursing facility).

Elements to address include:

  1. Brief description of the proposed change.
  2. Stage 1: Why is the status quo unacceptable?
    1. What feedback have you received from your patients and other internal/external constituents that leads you to make the proposed change?
  3. Stage 2: Who are members of your guiding coalition? (DON, Nursing Managers, Medical Directors) , Why did you choose them?
    1. Describe the members of your guiding coalition in terms of:
      1. Position Power
      2. Expertise
      3. Credibility
      4. Leadership (Note: 2.5 points for each of the characteristics
    2. Describe the trust, mutual understanding, respect, and caring within the guiding coalition. (Note: 2.5 points for each of the factors)
    3. What is the common goal within the guiding coalition regarding the proposed change?
    4. Support your writing using 6 APA references.
    5. See template areas on how to write your introduction.

Requirements: 3pages

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Based on the reasons given regarding the need to implement the change, the patient feedback has been informative in determining how to make them feel valued. For instance, the patients mentioned that they could support the change if the nurses educated them about the side effects of the cognitive training treatment (Spencer, 2019). Further, the healthcare workers, including nurses and support staff, mentioned that training workshops on implementing the interventions would prepare them to deliver the nonmedicinal treatment (Spencer, 2019). Considering the requests generated from the feedback has been ideal in making positive steps in implementing the change.

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Cognitive training